Frequently asked... 

How can I access your reviews on if I'm located in the US?  To work around TER's block on US-based traffic - simply install a VPN application on your computer so you can connect through an offshore server and browse the internet from an IP address outside the US.  I personally recommend  ProtonVPN - as the software is very easy to install & use.  

Basic Instructions:
Install VPN  > Connect to any offshore (non-US) server > Open browser & visit TER

I submitted a request for access to your locked galleries, why have I not been added? Did you fill out my screening form on my contact page entirely? If not, your request will be deleted and you will have to re-request after you fill out my form.  I do not add people who are just "browsing". I want only legitimate, screened gentleman to have access to my private videos and galleries. 

What can I expect when I meet you? Once you enter my world you will experience not only pleasure and discretion but a unique passionate experience. You and I can develop a secret relationship where you can relax and be yourself.  During our time together I will be completely focused on, and devoted to you. When our date ends, I will be conveniently invisible until you reach out to me again.  My personality is friendly, warm, fun, sexy, but most of all I am genuine.  I provide authentic, personalized encounters because I understand many gentlemen struggle to find a true connection beyond the physical with some companions. I strive to make that connection with anyone I meet. I am always excited to start our time together, whether it be once, or many times. 

You screened me! Why have you not responded to me or won't see me?  I am not for everyone, and everyone is not for me. Or it could be as simple as our schedules not matching, so don't be discouraged if you request me last minute or during a timeframe I truly cant accomodate. However,  If I find that you have been blacklisted, or your references are not legitimate, or your references share anything distasteful about your attitude, or treatment of them, I will be scared off and  will not see you. I do not disclose if you have been blacklisted or if a provider shares anything private with me about you, so please try to " get the hint" and dont pester me with constant emails. Your screening info will be deleted and I simply will not see you. Please dont take offense to this, I am just looking out for my safety, sanity, and emotional well being while being a provider. There are plenty of other beautiful women who will see you, so please dont get hung up on seeing me if you sense I am avoiding you. A wise man once said "there's a seat for every ass" so please move on if I havent replied to any of your requests. I have a very stubborn streak, and once my mind is made up, or I'm scared off for whatever reason, thats the final answer. 

Do you see couples? No, I do not see Men and Women couples, my comfort is best with gentlemen. 

Will you see me with another provider? I will see you with one of my personal girlfriends. You can inquire about my available girlfriends and I can gladly send you photos. All of my girlfriends are stunning GFE models, who can compliment our date perfectly. I do not accept dates with other providers I do not know. 

Will you consider seeing me off the clock? I appreciate the invitation, but I will always politely decline. Please do not take offense to that, I just like there to be clear boundaries set between my dates and I. 

Will you travel to me? With all of the necessary screening information verified, and a clear itenerary, I will gladly travel to you. A 50 percent deposit PLUS the cost of my round trip airfare (business or first class) must be included at time of booking. A minimum booking of my 24 hour rendevous requirement is required for any travel outside of Southern California. 

Do you take credit cards, gift cards or checks? I  currently only accept cash gifts for my time. Gift cards can be given to me as a nice gesture if you wish to do so. I like whole foods, sprouts, sephora, amazon, neiman marcus, and spa gift certificates as well. 

Will you consider meeting me in public if I have no screening information? I only meet gentlemen who have been thorougly screened. If you are a newbie, I suggest seeking the lovely ladies who are willing to introduce new gentlemen to this amazing underground club. They do exist, I am just not one of them. 

What if i get feelings for you? Will you date me? This is a tricky situation, I adore many people I have met. I appreciate the admiration and special unique connections we can make together, but please do NOT fall in love with me, or ask to "date" me. The real me, is not Shauna Miller, so I assure you that you havent fallen in love with me. You have fallen in love with a part of me, but that is only a small portion of who I am. 

Do you have a cancellation policy? I do have a cancellation policy, effective Jan 1, 2017. My cancellation policy is simple and fair. I spend so much time preparing myself and my whole day around meeting you that a cancellation is pretty detrimental to my entire day. I understand things happen, but to show that you are a respectful gentleman who values my feelings and my time a cancellation fee is nothing short of fair in my opinion. If you cancel the same day, a 100% fee wil be expected. If you cancel a day before, 50% will be expected. Anything outside of that is NO fee. If I have to cancel the same day ( which is extremely rare), I will make it up to you by adding additional time to our next date at no extra donation to show "I respect you too!"  This applies to new clients AND regulars of mine. Please do not make a date with me if you cannot adhere to my simple request. Any cancellations during the timeframe above that I am not compensated for will result in termination of any future dates, and a place on the national blacklist. I have never blacklisted anyone as of yet, and I hope not to ever have to do so. 





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