Proper etiquette is essential to having an incredible time together. Please read this page before seeing me.

General Courtesy
 As a companion, I currently do not seek a boyfriend or go on dates that I am not compensated for. 

Discretion is different than anonymity
Be prepared to show me your Identification as our first date begins. No taping/hiding a portion of your name is allowed, I do NOT copy your ID, Its a painless brief viewing before our encounter begins.  I do this for my safety and comfort, if I am having private time alone with you, I reserve the right to know who you are. Whitelists and references are not enough to bypass my mandatory ID check, "Why?" you may ask? Because that would be an open invitation for you to behave badly during our date, then simply walk away. With all due respect, discretion is different than anonymity. Luckily most gentlemen I meet are wonderful but that 1 bad apple exists, and my safety is obviously more important to me than monetary gain, therefore I do not make exceptions on this rule. I am willing to sign non-disclosure agreements at any time to ensure that your identity is protected, however, I do believe everyone is entitled to a private life and I would never speak of you even without a signed contract. 

Donation Etiquette
Please do not negotiate my donations. This is unattractive to me and I find it to be rude. I set my donations as I see fit and if you find my donation out of budget please seek another companion that suits you better. I do offer generous discounts to multiple hours and extended stays as well as vacations. 

Proper hygiene is imperative. I have thoroughly designed my Incall to accommodate your hygienic needs. So please utilize it.  Please do not see me if you are sick, kindly reschedule when you feel at your best.

Personal life Discretion for both of us
Please do not ask me about my personal life unless I offer the information, I will extend you the same exact courtesy.  Please be courteous to my feelings and privacy if you utilize review boards. I love reading my reviews and I'm grateful for gentlemen who take the time to write them, but please ask me anytime after our date ends if I would like one before you submit it. Sometimes specific details I like kept private and I appreciate that request being kindly respected. 

Appointment Notice
I do not see anyone last minute or accommodate same day requests. I need ample time to screen you. Please schedule me in advance if this will be the first date.  Please allow me time to screen you through references, some ladies do not reply so whitelists/OKAYS can greatly help the process. Please reconfirm our date 1 day prior to meeting me. Please cancel as soon as you can if something changes or comes up. If you are late, please let me know. Courtesy is a form of being the perfect gentleman, and I respect people with courtesy and will treat them the best. 

Please fill out my Screening Form entirely. Only I see your emails and screening forms, I do not use an assistant. If it is left incomplete I will not be able to reply. I do not see anyone without at least two reputable references, I am not newbie friendly. This is for My safety and General comfort.

Appointment Duration
Please do not overstay our scheduled amount of time together. I never "clock watch" as oftentimes I am having so much fun the time can and does go over a bit, which is usually fine. But please remain courteous to my feelings and personal life, and be mindful of what time it is so I do not have to awkwardly end our date. If you're enjoying our time please ask me if I can extend and we can work out the proper additional gift at that time.

Your Desires
Please be prepared to have an incredible time. During our date, please let me know if there's anything I can do to make you happier,  unfortunately, I am not psychic and I do not know what you like unless you tell me. My goal is to exceed your expectations so you will want to see me again, so please don't be shy! Please keep in mind I am a sensual GFE entertainer, I am NOT PSE, or fetish friendly. If you seek intimacy, romance, and a deeper connection with a beautiful, sexual, and educated young lady, I am the one for you.

Until we meet....

Kisses and hugs,

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