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I finally decided to utilize my blog section, so a big hello to you :) those of you who have met me in person and those who have not yet  probably found me online and peeked at my ter reviews. I find the site to be a great tool for both companions and gentlemen. Companions who advertise as promised and are great entertainers can attract the gentlemen who want that type of experience. Gentlemen can use the site as a tool to avoid fake ads, trouble, and anyone who isn't really who they advertise. It can be a really useful tool for both ends and I'm really grateful for having almost 2 straight years of perfect 10 reviews which has made me a top rated courtesan in the nation. It is a pretty awesome feeling knowing I have connected with some of you on such an amazing level that you wrote such kind, sexy, and fun highlights of our time together. Concerning the new rules ter has implemented as of January 4. 2017 I am no longer able to receive a 10 in performance due to my disdain of traveling to the Greek islands. The only thing that will qualify me for a 10 now,  is if we have a friend join our rendezvous (which is something I am a huge fan of by the way) any performance 10 scores from January and on  will be knocked down automatically by ter to a 9 unless I change my mind on traveling to those far away islands, and that is highly unlikely to be very honest. I would never change who I am and what I like just for a point on a board. That takes the fun away from everything and I want to always enjoy my  dates without even thinking of a review during our time together. My happy positive attitude, but most of all my ability to be genuine  has  been reflected in my reputation I have earned. I intend on keeping that genuine attitude, because I think anyone who meets me feels it and appreciates that about me.   This change reflects in my latest January review, which was a 10/10 and to my amazing clients surprise they knocked it down automatically to a 10/9. (He is not a frequent ter discussion board member and was not aware of the change) I feel that if the ter internal staff needed to implement these rules on all of us then they must have a good reason behind it, I can't imagine handling the thousands of reviews, emails, and issues they handle on a daily basis. It was a surprise to me and many others of course, but if it makes the community better as a whole, then I am happy for this change even though it effects me in a sense. I try to always see the "bigger" picture when I make up my mind about things, and try to be a fair and unselfish person, so I'm open to these changes If it's for the better. My reason for writing this is to let you all know, I have not changed at all even though my future reviews may change a little due to this new rule, in fact I think every day I get better at being a courtesan. Meeting you, and learning about each of you makes me grow even more as a person, and I'm grateful for all those experiences I would have never had if I didn't choose this path. I hope everyone is having an incredible 2017, and I will be writing more fun blog posts but I decided to get my "feet wet" with this first one. 



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